> Simon Baxter wrote:
>>>> I have 3 DVB-s cards in one machine, 1 is a FF, the other 2 are budget.
>>>> I run in softmode using softdevice 100% of the time.  Even though I
>>>> don't receive and HDTV at all, using the output of a VGA card into a 
>>>> LCD
>>>> projector produces a much better picture.
>>>> Displaying HDTV will need a powerful computer.
>> I might hold off buying anything - the upcoming Hauppauge HVR-4000 looks
>> like the one I'll want!  HDTV in my home area is likely to follow the 
>> DVB-S2
>> route
> Cool looking device, I just have too many questions :-)

Me too!

> - Are they offering specs for the Linux driver development
> - Will there be models for the terrestrial and satellite broadcasts. (Is
> it btw. possible to receive HDTV over terrestrial...)

I don't see why not?

> - Does it do the processing in the hardware allowing it to run in a
> really slow computers like ff cards

Well, it's receiving pre-encoded MPEG2 on the DVB-S2/T, so there's little 
processing on the PC required.  It appears to have an MPEG2 encoder for the 
analog, so again, little work on the PC.  But it doesn't appear to have any 
MPEG decoder - so you'll still need vdr-xine or softdevice - which is fine 
by me, as that can potentially support HDTV and SDTV.  But you do need a 
fair amount of PC horsepower to display HDTV.

Incidentally, is anyone out there using vdr-xine with HDTV?  What kind of 
PC/hardware are you using?  Any comments on quality etc??

> - Can it be connected to PCI bus or does it require something newer like
> this express something...

As far as I can find out, it's regular PCI.  There are some PCI-Express 
cards out there, but I have no need for them yet!!

> Mika


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