Udo Richter wrote:
> C.Y.M wrote:
>> Thanks for your replay, but I was looking for a switch that would make
>> vdr run a
>> script right after vdr starts up.  
> If you want to start a program together with VDR, why don't you put it
> into your runvdr script?

Because in the runvdr script, the vdr command is executed by an "eval" statement
which basically waits for the process to die before it continues on.

eval "$VDRCMD"
if test $? -eq 0 -o $? -eq 2; then exit; fi
echo "`date` Reloading DVB drivers"

This is how the script makes vdr will restart automatically when it crashes. I'm
looking for a way to have vdr execute the command so I dont have to guess with
sleep statements.


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