Hello all. I have battled with my hardware and software for a week or two,
only with partial success. Then I just lost my motivation. Now my Motivation Fairy
appeared to me again. She gave good advice: ask for help.  :)

I am currently using my VDR 1.4 with the composite video output
of my FF Hauppauge DVB-S nexus card.

I also have a Matrox G550 card (with DVI output) installed in my vdr box.
My dream is to use a DVI-HDMI adapter and a 5m HDMI
cable to my HD video projector. I am not interested in HDTV, but
I just want my video signal in good shape into my Panasonic PT-AE900.
It is such a good projector, and it is a shame to use composite video with it. :)
Furthermore, I have some grounding problems with the looong signal cables...

The problem is, I don't want to give up the good olde composite video,
because my TV needs it. I am not going to use the projector all the time
for just watching TV shows. So I need both video outputs,
and the composite is more important than DVI, because my TV
simply does not know about HDMI or DVI.

I think this means that softdevice is out of question. Am I right?
I played a bit with directFB and a program called "fbtv". It is able
to grab video from the dvb device and transfer it into my G550 DVI output.
Fbtv has some features that I don't need or like, but hey, it's a start.
I know this should be possible! I just could not configure my framebuffer
correctly to generate an interlaced PAL signal to DVI/HDMI, with frame sync.

I never got it to work with my projector, but i managed to get a
non-synced-to-frames picture to my DVI connected lcd (ViewSonic VP201b).
The picture was quite ok, but any motion in the screen had distortion because
of the out-of-sync frame changes. Sorry if I am using wrong terms here. :)

I am very thankful of any advice you can provide. Do anyone have a similar setup?


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