Niko Mikkila wrote:
cheap ATI and NVIDIA cards are good for HD video output (esp. NVIDIA
because you can get MPEG-2 acceleration working with the binary
drivers). The cheapest passively cooled cards work as well for video
playback on Linux as the high-end models, so don't pay over 40 euros
for one.

Perhaps not the cheapest one. I just upgraded FX 5200 to 6200, both passive cooled low end cards. The HW deinterlacer for progressive output (720p in my case) is much better in 6xxx and 7xxx nvidias imho. In FX 5200 it was not really usable. With interlaced mode the case would be different but there the problem with cheapest cards to get 1080i over DVI.

I'm not yet 100% satisfied with HW xvmc + de-interlacing with the 6200. The load in system is very low, only some % and the system is running really cool but I get video flicker (some black lines for a fraction of second) with DVB subtitles. Also the OSD has some very small vertical judder probably due to deinterlacing. Any ideas to fix these with and xine settings?


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