A new version of femon is now available at:

2006-09-17: Version 1.1.0

- Added support for svdrpservice plugin (Thanks to Frank Schmirler).
- Added INFO SVDRP command (partially based on patch by Herbert Pƶtzl).
- Removed system log option - use SVDRP instead.
- Added --remove-destination to the 'cp' command in Makefile.

Note: SVDRP extension has not been tested on mixed clients (local DVB cards and streamdev-client) and requires a current CVS snapshot of streamdev - older versions tend to loose DVB stream when zapping while femon's stream analysis is on.


A new version of skinsoppalusikka is now available at:

2006-09-17: Version 1.0.2

- Added two new themes (Thanks to Eclipse and Dieter Fauth).
- Added "--remove-destination" to the 'cp' command in Makefile.


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