Dominique Simon wrote:
- Added --remove-destination to the 'cp' command in Makefile.
LinVDR's Busybox can't handle that option. What is it good for?

This matches equal changes in recent VDR Makefiles. From VDR-1.4.1-5:
- Added --remove-destination to the 'cp' command for binaries in the Makefile to
  avoid a crash in case a new version is installed on a running system 
  by Petri Hintukainen).

From 1.4.2-3:
- Added --remove-destination to the 'cp' command for binaries in the Makefiles 
  the plugins (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).

I guess, by deleting instead of overwriting, Linux can keep the old running binary on disk until the program terminates. (Files can exist in Unix temporarily without any file name.) As soon as the last program terminates, the disk space is freed.



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