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*** HISTORY ***
2006-09-29: 3.4.7
- Autosave now takes care of the number of lines to show in commands menu 
(Requested by Ronny Kornexl).

2006-09-06: 3.4.7beta
- Fixed: Smaller bugs (see ChangeLog).
- Changed: Hide select boxes for templates and skins if it contains only a 
single choice.
- Fixed: Another fix for the refering pages problem(s).
- Changed: Hide "AutoTimer" menu item unless $FEATURE{AUTOTIMER} is set.
- Changed: Use date instead of empty subtitle in timers programed by 
AutoTimer with activated "Episode" option.
- Fixed: Don't show outdated broadcast as search result.
- Added: Display warning message if lists is empty.
- Added: UTF8 locales patch by Zoolook (see Bug #124).
- Fixed: AutoTimer test feature didn't find broadcasts if they were in 
- Removed: HTML::Template dependency.
- Changed: Only use Template-Toolkit's Template.pm.
- Fixed: Hide "switch" button in prog_summary2 if broadcast is not running 
(Based on suggestion by Hardy Flor).
- Fixed: Initial display of rec_list was empty.
- Added: New PLAY and EDIT actions in rec_list.
- Added: Remember selected size and interval in TV.
- Added: check for features available with VDR's SVDRP, disable missing ones 
and show them in about.html (ATM used for RENR).
- Changed: handling of sorting in rec_list (should always keep the current 
- Changed: handling of sorting in at_timer_list (should always keep the 
current sorting).
- New: option to autosave config on exit (also saves sorting state in lists 
and viewmode in prog_summary).
- Added: Czech translation (Submitted by Karel Borkovec).
- Changed: handling of sorting in timer_list (should always keep the current 
- Changed: Moved favicon.ico from a template's skin folder to the template's 
main folder.
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