> For those curious why I'm even bothering, given there is something like
> vdradmin-am...I have setup vdradmin-am recently, and while it has a very
> polished UI and has *excellent* features, I find it runs very slowly on my
> desktop PC (Firefox, 2.2 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM)  when I access "Timeline" or
> "Playing Today?"  It also uses ~200MB+ RAM on the VDR box.

You're right, Perl is awfully slow. Setting up an autotimer lasts over 5
minutes on my VIA EPIA-5000!

Have you ever thought about integrating the VDRadmin functions as plugins?

You could create a generic HTTP-Plugin for VDR providing an extended OSD
which can display more objects by higher resolution.

Input capturing (keyboard/mouse) and getting the resolution of the browser
can be done by JavaScript.

That way you can create plugins using all the fast interface functions of
VDR and the generic HTTP plugin for Input/Output. Then it's easy to add
VDRadmins functions plugin by plugin without doing everything twice.

And if you wanna play God, you could even play tv/recordings on the client
by starting the client's media player embedded in the browser ;-)


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