Boguslaw Juza wrote:
  I have got big request for Author - It would be nice to make "spaces" in
channels list. I want to set "info channels" from 1 to 8, "movie channels"
form 10 to 15, sport from 20 etc... So I need to make empty spaces
witch ch. numbers 9, 16-19... etc. Switching channels Up/Down should skip spaces.

From man 5 vdr:
The file channels.conf contains the channel configuration.   Each  line
defines either a group delimiter or a channel.

A group delimiter is a line starting with a ':' as the very first char-
acter, followed by arbitrary text. Example:

:First group

Group delimiters may also be used to specify the  number  of  the  next
channel.   To  do this, the character '@' and a number must immediately
follow the ':', as in

:@201 First group

The given number must be larger than the number of any previous channel
(otherwise it is silently ignored).

A  group delimiter can also be used to just set the next channel's num-
ber, without an explicit delimiter text, as in


Such a delimiter will not appear in the Channels menu.



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