lamikr wrote:
> I am not sure from the installation of rpm versions, because I am just
> used to download the .bin versions of sun jdk.
> If you install the ".bin" version of Sun JVM, you can basically extract
> it to any directory you want.
> Then just make sure that the jdk/bin directory where java, javac, etc.
> locates is first one in your path.
> After that, you can just launch it by using standard java command.
> With some distros, you may need to update all java related symlinks from
> /etc/alternatives directory to point to
> files under your sun jdk instead of the default ones pointing to non-sun
> version.

In Debian, you can use the following command to create java install packages.

fakeroot make-jpkg j2sdk-1_4_2_12-linux-i586.bin


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