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I can confirm this as well. Tried the new patch, didn't solve the problem. EIT -1, Klaus - 0 ;)

Well, it did solve the problem as far as I was able to reproduce it.
I have external EPG for some channels that don't provide more than
the "present/following" EPG data, and before the last change I
actually had "No title" in all those events on these channels
that were actually in their EIT data. After inserting the additional
'if (!HasExternalData)' checks this problem was gone.

Could it be that your extenal EPG data doesn't have 0 (zero) as
the table id?

Also note that this fixes the problem only for EPG data that is
received *after* the patch has been applied. Any external EPG
data that already has a "No title" title won't change back.


On 10/10/06, *V Live* < [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

    Thank you for your effort. But the attached patch still did not fix
    the "no title" in the epg guide or yaepg plugin. But like I said
    before removing the eit.c patch from your vdr-1.4.3-1.diff and it
    works fine.

    */Klaus Schmidinger < [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>/* wrote:

        V Live wrote:
        >  I patched your vdr-1.4.3-1.diff against my vdr-1.4.3 version
        and since
        >  the epg guide and vdr-yaepg plugin show "no title" in th epg.
        Seems that
        >  there is an error there.
        >  However if I remove the patches to eit.c and eit.h but keep
        the rest of
        >  the patch the epg guide works like it should.

        Well, meanwhile I guess I found it.
        The problem only occurs if there is external EPG data (with
        table id 0x00). The attached patch should fix that.


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