In general I try to give proper credit to those who
contribute to the VDR project by mentioning them in the
HISTORY and CONTRIBUTORS files that come with the VDR
source. However, I only list "real people" there, not
things like "VDR User" or "Donald Duck". People who
don't use their real name when posting or sending
private email apparently don't want to be publicly
identified, so I respect that. Previously in such cases
I tried to contact these people and told them that in
order to be listed in the CONTRIBUTORS file I would need
their real name and email address. Since this only means
additional work for me, I wont do this any more.

So unless a posting or email has a (obvisously) real
sender name and email address, I won't list anything
I take from such a message in VDR's CONTRIBUTORS file.

Just wanted to make this clear, so that nobody wonders
why their contribution hasn't been given credit.


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