On Sat, 2006-10-14 at 09:11 +0200, Johannes Schoeller wrote:
> Reinhard Walter Buchner wrote:
> > Hi Udo,
> > 
> > 
> >> Reinhard Walter Buchner wrote:
> >>> I have the same problem (still using an older version of VDR, tho).
> >>> VDR does delete the contents of the directory, but it doesn't
> >>> always delete the primary directory below 'video'. In your example
> >>> you (or in my case me ;o)) still have
> >>>
> >>> /video/nano/Die_Welt_von_morgen/
> >>>
> >>> (being empty) left over. 
> >  
> >> If it happens next time, check:
> >> - Owning user and group of the folder
> >> - File permissions
> >> - User account that runs VDR
> >  
> >> Most times when I notice that folder deleting didn't work, it was 
> >> because the files/folders accidentally had wrong permissions or owners.
> > 
> > I run VDR as root (the only account on the machine) and VDR
> > created the folders, so this shouldn't be a problem, but I'll have
> > a look at the folder's owners & permissions.
> it's SO good to hear that i'm not alone with that 'problem'. in the
> #vdrportal irc noone had that problem.
> i have video[0123] nfs-mounted. vdr runs as root. vdr creates all these
> directories and this is what syslog says:

NFS brings in another whole level of permissions checks at the NFS
Server. Often NFS has "root-squash" enabled which means that a root user
on a client does NOT get equivalent root privileges when accessing files
on the server. Try logging in as root on the client and try to "rmdir
folder" on the same NFS folder and see what happens. 

The correct way to fix this is to not run the server as root.
If however you insist on bypassing these checks, /etc/exports will need
to have a line like this on the server:

/video0  *(rw,no_root_squash,sync)

Then get the NFS server to reload config, remount the dir on the client
and restart VDR too.


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