VDR maintenance patch 1.4.3-2 is now available at


This is a 'diff' against version 1.4.3-1 (which is the official
version 1.4.3, patched with 

Small fixes to the officially released VDR versions will be first
made available as "maintenance patches" in the Developer directory,
so that they can be reviewed and tested before a new official
release is published.

So please apply the above patch and report whether it works (or
if it causes any new problems).

This version requires plugins to be recompiled.

The changes since version 1.4.3-1:

- Fixed clearing an event's Title, ShortText and Description in case the data 
  from an external source.
- Updated the Hungarian language texts (thanks to Guido Josten).
- Fixed a possible crash if cPluginManager::GetPlugin() is called with a NULL
  pointer (thanks to Petri Hintukainen).
- Fixed displaying the error log message in case an unknown plugin was requested
  in a key macro (thanks to Petri Hintukainen).
- Keys from expanded key macros are now put into the front of the key queue to
  avoid problems if the queue is not empty at that time (based on a patch from
  Petri Hintukainen).
- cKeyMacro now has an explicit counter for the number of keys it contains.
- cRemote::PutMacro() now sets a lock while it expands the macro (thanks to
  Petri Hintukainen).
- Fixed handling plugins from cRemote::PutMacro() and cRemote::CallPlugin()
  (based on a patch from Petri Hintukainen).
- Increased the size of the key queue to avoid problems with long key macros.

Have fun!


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