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> On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 02:06:07PM +0300, Suur Karu wrote:
> > Luca Olivetti wrote:
> > >>   Also I wish to view pay channels with it.
> > >
> > >That's not (officially) possible with a budget card.
> >
> > Why not? Techotrend have CI interface for own budget card.
> >
> My idea is to interface it externally. I have bought a CF card
> reader. PMI but what has CF got to do with CI?
> Thanks. Am I barking up the wrong tree by any chance?
> My idea is to interface things using the PCI and USB bus. I plug in
> a USB CF card reader, decrypt the data from CAM and talk to the
> budget card using the PCI bus.
> Does it make sense or nonsense?
Partial nonsense ;-))

CF has nothing to do with CI and smartcards.
You need a CI adapter an an CAM adapter card for the smartcard.

Alternatively there are standalone smartcard readers (USB/serial).
But these are not working without some legally doubtfull patches/plugins of VDR.
Beside the skipping of CI and CAM (which is patent violaton but not realy illegal) these can use illegal software keys, which is illegal in most of the world.
Therefore nobody here on the list will give you any added detailes.

The official method is bying a CI adapter and CAM card for your DVB card.
Even this is a violation of some provider rules as it's not certified by them.

regards Peter
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