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> Hi,
> I've got VDR (1.4.3) running on a machine by my TV and have just been
> playing with the xineliboutput plugin to stream vdr over the network.
> Everything works well on its own but I'd like to be able to have someone
> watching TV on one channel via the dxr3 and someone else watching a
> recording on the network via xineliboutput. Is this possible?
> Currently, if I install the xineliboutput plugin then there is no longer
> any output to the TV via the dxr3.

I don't know how xineliboutput works, but I'm currently using a dxr3 and
xine (with the network patches). When xine is used (i.e. the client
connects) it becomes the primary device and there's no more output on
the dxr3, when xine disconnects output resumes on the dxr3.
If you want to see two different channels, one on the dxr3 and another
one via xine (or xineliboutput?) I'm afraid you have to use streamdev
server and a different vdr instance as a streamdev client. I don't know
the current status of streamdev though, and if what you're asking is
possible to do with a recording (probably yes if both vdr instances
share the same video directory).


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