>> My theory is that since audio is typically 600ms ahead of video, maybe 
>> the audio buffers run over. Strange thing is why this happens 
>> reproducible on blackness. Maybe due to extremely low bit rate in this 
>> situation, more frames get packed into one data block, causing data flow 
>> to be disturbed beyond some limit. It cant be too high data rate, ATV+ 
>> has just 2mbit avg, 4mbit max data rate.
> Does it also occur with the latest test firmware?
>   http://www.suse.de/~werner/test_av-f22623.tar.bz2
> If yes, please provide short sample clips.
> Please verify that the clips are not damaged, i.e. they play fine with
> mplayer or xine.

Yes, it still happens on every firmware revision.  But, I really dont think this
is a firmware issue as much as it is a VDR one.  There must be several ways to
approach this problem but the best way would be an open source solution IMHO. If
mplayer can successfully forward the video every time straight to the FF card
w/o any transcoding, then why cant VDR do the same thing?  Im sure someone can
post links to problematic recordings if you need some to test with.

Best Regards.

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