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> Thats all. VDR just delivers the data stream as fast as the DVB device 
> accepts it. The DVB devices do all the syncing and timing.
> And thats why I think that this is a firmware issue, not a VDR issue, 
> simply because VDR does almost nothing to the video.

But didn't the people experiencing the problem say it works OK with
mplayer, but not VDR, everything else being equal? So perhaps the
problem is that VDR isn't doing anything whereas mplayer can detect
potential problems and alter the stream somehow?

I would suspect that the problem streams have the packets interleaved
with quite a lot of delay between the video and audio. Normally a
decoder should be able to correct that by reading PTS etc, but perhaps
if VDR just feeds the stream as it encounters it to the DVB card it
overwhelms its buffers whereas mplayer does its own buffering beforehand
and presents packets to the decoder with the audio packets much closer
to the video packets with the same PTS.

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