Tero Siironen wrote:
Here is a 3 minute clip from the episode of Lost I told earlier.

80MB file and played ok at least with VLC v 0.8.5. and MPlayer on OS X

I've checked your recording. Lost "The other 48 days" - surely one of the worst episodes for me too, because the fade-to-black on every day break.

Your recording however runs relatively fine on my FF (r1.6 firmware f22623) card. There's noticeable audio stuttering after the fade-to-black scenes, but audio desync is only small, though noticeable.

Demultiplexing with ProjectX throws 11649 of errors like this:

!> error in pes_extension of pes-ID 0xE0 @ pos: 38780 (2048 / 14 / 15 / true / false) !> error in pes_extension of pes-ID 0xC0 @ pos: 46972 (686 / 14 / 15 / true / false)

pos is changing, the rest seems always the same.

I then re-muxed the elementary streams and converted them back to VDR, and the resulting video played fine again. So this issue seems to be some problem on the PES packaging layer.

In contrast, my recording issue cannot be fixed by re-muxing, and has more noticeable audio desync, its probably a totally different issue. The dev's already have a sample file.



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