"C.Y.M" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Guy Roussin wrote:
>>>> if i make this, the file play fine (vdr ffcard) :
>>>> mv 001.vdr _001.vdr
>>>> mv index.vdr _index.vdr
>>>> mplayer -vo mpegpes:001.vdr -ao mpegpes 001.vdr
>>>> genindex
>>>> But now the file 001.vdr is 100Mb !
>>> Am I doing something wrong? I dont seem to have any sound.. also if you move
>>> 001.vdr to _001.vdr, then the command below will not be able to find the 
>>> file.
>>> :)
>> Sorry for the typo :
>>  mplayer -vo mpegpes:001.vdr -ao mpegpes _001.vdr
> hmm.. I'm not getting any sound when I do this.  If I perform the command when
> VDR is not running, I see the video being written to file, but I can hear the
> sound through the speakers.  Also, the resulting file is much smaller 
> indicating

try with (just a guess)
  mplayer -vo mpegpes:001.vdr -ao mpegpes:001.vdr _001.vdr


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