Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
C.Y.M wrote:
Since it has been several years now and I have never been able to solve the a/v
desync issues with my Nexus-S FF card when playing back recordings...

I'm replaying many recordings (actually most of what I watch
are recordings ;-) and don't even remember when was the last
time I had an A/V desync.

There is one more issue, that seems to be related. On some recordings, here RTL Television with AC3 playback, sometimes single frames seem to be skipped during playback. I watched a recording of "Alarm für Cobra 11" yesterday and could identify at least 6 little jumps.

I have isolated a 20 MByte part of this recording where this effect was clear to see - I can send it by seperated mails or upload it somewhere if someone gives me an URL.

The weird thing: Playing those isolated scenes does not show the effect as people can see if they play the whole recording from the beginning, but rewinding the short clip to a certain point makes it possible to reproduce the problem. And again: This just happens when playing back the AC3 audio track.

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