the softdevice team (Torgeir Veimo, Martin Wache and me, Stefan Lucke)
is pleased to announce a new release of vdr's softdevice plugin.

General info:
  Softdevice plugin enables vdr to run on your desktop with
  so called budget cards. You'll get vdr output via framebuffer or X11-Xv or
  DirectFB or vidix to your screen. Decoding is done via ffmpeg.

This is just a maintance release for previous 0.3.0 version, as code
for support of vdr version earlier than vdr-1.3.7 will be removed soon.

Supported vdr versions: (1.2.x,) 1.3.x and 1.4.x

Plugin's homepage is located at: http://softdevice.berlios.de/

Changelog since last release:
2006-11-05: softdevice-0.3.1
   - xv-out: limit used width & height to screen dimensions.
   - audio: select alsa h/w-mixer for volume control via command line.
   - hopfull final color jump fix for odd "cut columns from left" values.
   - fix horizontal picture placement when YUY2 is selected for xv-out.
   - fix segfaults when YUY2 pixelformat is used for xv-out and cut lines
     from top is non zero. This fixes wrong colors and misplaced OSD drawing
     too, when cut colums from left is non zero.

Stefan Lucke

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