> I'm afraid my knowledge here is too limited.
> If somebody can come up with an idea of how additional timing information
> should be inserted in the PES data, let's hear it.

I'm quite sure this is not the point to work witht.

> Generally I don't think that VDR should have to to anything regarding
> A/V sync during replay. It simply feeds the data to the device as fast
> as the device can take it, and syncing audio and video is the device's
> job. Maybe mplayer just generates additional PES headers for this?

xine and/or mplayer just re-generates the pes layer. So, it have to be
there ?
xine has no problems with the provided samples, so I guess it must be in
the PES layer re-muxing. Has anyone with the problem tried to replay
with separate mpa+mpv -> pes streams ?

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