On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 07:22:10AM +0100, Harald Milz wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently added a third budget card to my VDR which contained 2 budgets
> pointing at Astra so far (using softdevice for decoding): 
> ...
> During my first runs I had connected the third LNB to one of the budgets
> by just moving one sat cable to the new LNB. I could watch all channels
> from Astra and Hotbird O.K. The SkyStar2 was not connected so far.
> Now adding the SkyStar2 card:
> ...
> This card is connected to a LNB pointing at Hotbird. dvbscan shows all the
> channels on the respecive cards just fine. I generated the channels.conf
> listing using dvbscan. 
> But from then on, I could either see the Astra channels or the Hotbird
> channels within VDR, never both sets at the same time.  It appears as
> if only card #0 is active (the Activy card), no matter which LNB is
> connected to which budget card. 
> What am I missing? As far as I know there is no way (and no point)
> in telling VDR to use cards #0 and #1 for Astra and #2 for Hotbird. Is
> that a known problem between (certain versions of) budget/-ci and b2c2
> cards / drivers?

What you're missing is "soucecaps" patch, it tells vdr which card can see which 

There's patch for 1.3.39 which applies OK for 1.4.x too:

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