Carsten Koch wrote:
> Maybe VDR is behaving according to the specified interface
> and the firmware fails.
> Maybe mplayer is working around firmware bugs by behaving
> differently - which may or may not be according to the
> specified interface.
> What we can agree upon is the fact that the problem *can* be
> solved within the application program.
> IMHO, the fact that mplayer works where VDR does not
> proves just that, but not more.
> However, if VDR behaves 100% according to specification,
> the problem *should* be solved in the driver and/or
> firmware, because that would fix all programs that also
> behave 100% according to specification and fail.
> If fixing it where it should be fixed turns out to be
> too difficult, it might still be a good idea to fix it
> in VDR.

Has anyone been able to identify the differences in the MPEG data if
(a) mplayer
(b) vdr
play the sample stream?

Imho that's the key to the problem.


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