Udo Richter wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
The attached patch makes it call cPluginManager::Active() only
if it really wants to shut down, and if there is actually an option
for plugins to delay the shutdown (i.e. this is not a forced shutdown).

If cPluginManager::Active() returns 'true' once, it waits for SHUTDOWNRETRY
minutes before trying again.

I'd suggest moving the if block a bit down in the code, at least behind the manual start check, so plugins cannot interfere with this. I think it should be ok to move it down right before the "ForceShutdown = false;" line - thats the point where the "Press any key to cancel shutdown" will be asked for sure.

I agree to move it down until before the line

   if (timer && Delta < Setup.MinEventTimeout * 60 && ForceShutdown) {

in order to not interfere with the "assuming manual start of VDR" stuff.
But if we move it further down, the dsyslog("reboot at %s", *TimeToString(Next))
will be executed, even if the plugin's activity prevents that from

SHUTDOWNRETRY defaults to 5 minutes, thats ok, though I would go for something around 1 minute.

Well, this is only important if VDR shuts down by itself, unattended.
So I guess it dosn't really matter if it stays up a little longer ;-)


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