> Playback was one of the alternate solutions mentioned in the Wiki. The
other idea was to install the streamdev-server plugin. 
> When configuring it to offer suspend mode you will get a new mainmenu
entry labeled "Suspend Live TV". Selecting it will display a still

Thanks very much Frank, I hadn't considered the Streamdev route, so have
now tried that and it does the job to a certain extent.

I get the same issue with that as I do with launching playback in
advance also though. When the timer starts the Suspend Picture is
removed or the recording playback is terminated to start the recording
which then suffers from the continual restarts, so I am still in the
position that I have to be present to start a recording and re-force the
suspend mode or start playback after the timer starts.

How can I narrow down what is causing the playback/suspend mode to be


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