On Monday 01 January 2007 20:51, Pasi Juppo wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a small annoying problem that most likely is quite trivial but
> can find the cause. All characters above ASCII 127 are converted to
> something else. E.g. 'รค' gets converted to ','. Funny thing is that on
> my server (FC4) the conversion is done like that but on windows computer
> they are converted to '?' chars.
> On the machine where VDRAdmin is running characters are shown correctly.
> It seems to be related to language setting but can't figure out how to
> fix this. Could someone with more knowledge help me?


This can accur from vdradmin not running in a locale with same charset as vdr 
uses. The only use-case we have found yet is utf8-system and vdr running with 

For Gentoo we have this hack in the vdradmin-startskript at the moment:

When vdr is not utf8-capable (only when self-patched) then execute this code 
to switch of utf8-locale:

l=$(locale | sed -e 's/\.[uU][tT][fF]\(-\)\?8//' -e 's/^/export /')
eval $l

Perhaps it would help if epg.vdr would contain information about encoding 
(even if it is not even read by vdr this could be usefull, but just to inform 
other programs).


Matthias Schwarzott (zzam)

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