Dear all,

  I have a request for change in EPG data format. Currently, a lot of space is
wasted when dealing with EPG for massive amounts of channels which are available
from several different sources. Suppose that CNN is receivable from 10
satellites. Then, 9x the size of EPG data for CNN of storage waste is observed,
as dictated by VDR's format.

  I propose to change the VDR's format as follows. Now, for each
channel we have:

C   <channel id> <channel name>

What if we do

C   <channel id1> <channel id2> ... <channel idN> <channel name>


C <channel id1> <channel name1> <channel id2> <channel id2>... <channel idN> <channel nameN>

if you prefer in BNR:

C   (<channel id> <channel name>?)* <channel id> <channel name>

The semantics is that every name is for any preceding unnamed channel id(s).

An alternative would be to introduce a form of redirection in, which is
less attractive than this (backwards compatible) solution.

What do you think?


Pjotr Kourzanov

P.S. Massive amounts of (generated) EPG also make scripts like xmltv2vdr
completely unusable - yesterday one run took ~9 hours for a moderately sized
installation (50M of XML data).

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