i can see many of us are seeking for the right hardware for vdr, so i
am. i want to start some discussion about the upcoming Sony PS3 as an
vdr client on steroids. as it will support linux out of the box, it
seams logical to, at least, think about it. i came to the following
pro/contra list:

pro: it supports HD (and Blue-Ray), is small and living room ready,
comes with linux, has powerful CPU, you get a gameconsole for free ;-)

contra: gets hot, likly DRM locked in some regards, it's a sony

the last point may be even not so bad, as sony loses money on each
selled device.

so what do others think about this idea? anything i have not thought
about that makes it even impossible to run vdr (or some other softdevice
client) on the PS3?

best regards ...

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