Pasi Juppo wrote:

> I've been thinking of a PVR solution where all DVB cards are installed
> on a server and several clients connect to it. Each client must behave
> like they are in control (normal menu operations even though most likely
> a bit slower due network delays). Of course the number of DVB cards
> define the limit how many different muxes are available or how many
> crypted channels can be viewed at a time but those are understandable
> limits.
> There would be at least 2 clients but most likely later on 4+ clients.
> Clients would be without HD most likely (network or USB stick boot).
> Is there a solution (reliable) for this kind of system available?

I am using Hauppauge MediaMVPs to connect to a central VDR system
containing 3 DVB-S cards. VOMP is running on the MediaMVPs
( and apart from missing
* DVD support
* Cutting

this system contains everything I want. And it has a great WAF factor :-)
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Peer Oliver Schmidt
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