Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Pasi Juppo wrote:
>> I've been thinking of a PVR solution where all DVB cards are installed
>> on a server and several clients connect to it. Each client must behave
>> like they are in control (normal menu operations even though most likely
>> a bit slower due network delays). Of course the number of DVB cards
>> define the limit how many different muxes are available or how many
>> crypted channels can be viewed at a time but those are understandable
>> limits.
>> There would be at least 2 clients but most likely later on 4+ clients.
>> Clients would be without HD most likely (network or USB stick boot).
>> Is there a solution (reliable) for this kind of system available?
> I am using Hauppauge MediaMVPs to connect to a central VDR system
> containing 3 DVB-S cards. VOMP is running on the MediaMVPs
> ( and apart from missing
> * DVD support
> * Cutting
> this system contains everything I want. And it has a great WAF factor :-)

Now this looked very good! Almost exactly what I was after. Few things
missing still but seems that there is active development thus will be
implemented later on.

Few things missing:
-HDTV due to HW. Any idea if there is going to be HDTV version of the HW
later on? Most likely HTPC is much better solution for HDTV anyway due
to deinterlace and scaling which requires quite much CPU power (see next
Q about PC version of VOMP).

-similar (or same) system running on PC. The idea for kitchen (yes, I'd
like to have TV on kitchen for the morning news) TV would be to use "All
in one LCD" -type of PC such as this:

Does VOMP work on normal PC as well (I missed this info)?

-the graphics on VOMP I assume is not changeable (no skin or theme
support -> would require recompiling I assume but still)?

What about the picture quality of the MediaMVP: is it good, average, poor?

Anyway, this is very good news!

Br, Pasi

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