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  I am experiencing VDR errors when loading EPG via SVDRP. If the EPG
data to

I have recently sent the attached patch to Thomas Koch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.
It dramatically speeds up getting EPG information from VDR.

I think the OP problem is the reverse: getting EPG data into vdr, not out of it.


Indeed, I was referring to the problem of loading the data to VDR. Tweaking the watchdog timer looks like a dirty workaround to me - the value depending on amount of EPG data to be loaded divided by the speed at which this data could be transferred to VDR (do we assume
loopback access, or ethernet? maybe wireless or WAN/VPN access?).

I have neither investigated the problem deeper yet (just found a way to split the EPG data into parts), nor looked in the source code. Is it so difficult to convince the watchdog that while SVDR thread is busy it is actually doing useful work?


How did you split the information up?

See script attached (given stdin, creates epg.[0-9]* files of ~3megs,
without overwriting).

I have a 17MB xmltv file which I would like to upload into VDR.

Is it possible to adjust to split the xmltv epg into parts too?

Maybe. I found xmltv2vdr just too slow - it took ~9 hours to output
17MB of VDR The XML was btw. ~54MB.

My python knowledge is limited, but I am willing to have a stab at it. is perl:-( But if you know AWK, I've posted my version
of xmltv2epg on this list that takes ~40 minutes on the same data:-)
Also, it takes extra info like credits into VDR's epg...


#!/usr/bin/awk -f
        if (!base) base="epg."
/^[CEeTSDX]/ { size+=length }
{ print > base n }
/^c/ { 
        if (size>max) {
func advance() {
        while (!system("stat " base n " >/dev/null 2>&1")) 
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