Hi folks,

here a new release of my ExtRecMenu-plugin.

What is new?
- added two setup option to adjust the plugin behaviour to whose of
  VDR's recording menu (jumping to last replayed recording, call plugin
  after replay ends)
- only editing of cutting recordings is prevented now
- moving recordings between filesystems is now possible; includes:
  * check for enough free disk space on target filesystem
  * switch to limit bandwith (a.t.m. 2MBytes/sec)
  * prevent editing of recordings that are moved
  * marker for recordings, that are moved
- added marker for cutting and moving recording entries
- added marker to title bar for cutting and moving recordings
- recording info menu shows additional informations (name, path,
  channel, size, lifetime, priority)
- added setup option to select between plugin's and VDR's recording info
- dvd.vdr is ignored, as long as a 001.vdr is present
- fixed following issue (again): if there are more then one recording
  with the same name, only one of it is shown if all recording details
  are hidden

What is the ExtRecMenu-plugin?
The EXTended RECordings MENU plugin provides a recordings menu with additional functions to VDR's recordings menu:
- renaming recordings and directories
- moving recordings and directories, also between different filesystems
- functionality of the DVDArchiv-patch
- adjustable display of recording's length, date and size
- directories are always shown on top of the list
- reworked layout using icons for showing the status of list entries
  (directory, new recording, moving recording, cutting recording, dvd
  archiv entry)
- sorting by name or date, adjustable for each directory
- ascending/descending sorting
- extends VDR's '-r'-option commands with 'move' and 'rename'
- extended recordings info menu, shows name, path, channel, size,
  lifetime and priority of the recording
- protects recordings in co-work with the PIN-plugin

Have fun with it!


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