here is a new release of the GraphLCD base package and plugin for VDR. It introduces new drivers and fixes bugs. There were also some changes to glcdgraphics library that were needed for skinning implementation.

You can download the packages from the berlios project's file page:

Changes since 0.1.3:
graphlcd-base changes:
- added missing include of stdint.h in several files
- added -fPIC compiler option to library Makefiles
- graphlcd.conf: added missing "Driver=serdisp" in serdisp section (thanks to Jörn Hermann)
- graphlcd.conf: changed default value for sleep method to gettimeofday
- glcdgraphics library changes:
  - Added cBitmap::DrawSlope function that draws a slope of the given type
  - added class for loading and saving PBM (portable bitmap) files
  - made loading of GLCD files platform independent (hopefully)
  - added copy constructor to cBitmap class
- removed the friend class stuff from cImage, instead added some functions to set members - new class cImageFile that acts as a base class for image format load/save classes like cGLCDFile or cPBMFile
  - removed const qualifier from cImage::GetBitmap
  - added added Invert method to cBitmap
- added methods to set font parameter (height, ascent, ...) to cFont class
  - made loading of FNT files platform independent (hopefully)
  - return false in cGLCDFile::Open and ::Save when opening of file failed
  - added trim function to cut leading and trailing spaces from strings
  - added WrapText method to cFont class
  - fixed missing last line in cFont::WrapText
  - fixed WrapText when Height is zero
  - fixed font loading bug for graphlcd's FNT format
- fixed missing addition of spaceBetween in cFont::WrapText that caused too long lines with some fonts
  - fixed loading of GLCD animations (thanks to Malte Schröder)
- glcddrivers library changes:
  - only config.h, driver.h and drivers.h are needed for applications
  - added driver for g15daemon (thanks to Mike)
- added driver for noritake gu126x64D-K610A4 display (thanks to Alexander Rieger) - gu140x32: fix seqfault if fonts.conf missed (thanks to Andreas Brachold) - t6963c: added support for Serial wiring using an industry version with a serial to parallel converter (thanks to Torsten Lang)
  - avrctl: adapted to changed commands PC -> AVR
  - avrctl: implemented SetBrightness method
  - avrctl: changed type of some parameters to SetColData to uint16_t
- avrctl: allow sizes below 256x128. Buffer sent to controller is still 256x128. - framebuffer: fixed compiler error on 64bit systems (thanks to Malte Schröder)
        - serdisp: updated serdisplib driver (thanks to Wolfgang Astleitner)
- added simple network driver (not complete) that sends the current display content as and hey string to connected clients
        - link against libpthread
        - fixed some default values to be consistent with comments in 
- tools changes:
  - convpic: adapted to changes related to new base class cImageFile
  - convpic: use classes from glcdgraphics lib for glcd file conversion
  - convpic: added pbm support
  - crtfont: use cFont class methods to save in FNT format
  - genfont: use cFont class methods to load freetype2 supported fonts
  - genfont: use cFont class methods to save in FNT format
  - showpic: call SetBrightness method
- showpic: changed setting of brightness to use value from config structure - new tool lcdtestpattern to display a test pattern on a LCD (thanks to Alexander Rieger)

vdr-graphlcd changes:
- support APIVERSION introduced with vdr 1.3.47
- test if ChannelNumber is 0 in cGraphLCDState::SetChannel
- Added french translations (thanks to Pierre Briec)
- use cPlugin::MainThreadHook method to do periodic querying of replay status. So, patching vdr is no longer needed.
- fixed volume handling for vdr 1.4.2 and up
- now use cFont::WrapText instead of local one
- got rid of global lcd and display objects, they are local variables of the plugin class now.
- display thread should be proper canceled now
- logonames.alias for VDR 1.3 and up is the default now
- increased lineheight in some bitmap fonts to look good with new WrapText function
- extra space between menu lines when lineheight is greater than totalheight
- replaced uint64 with uint64_t
- replaced unsigned long long with uint64_t

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