Tony Grant wrote:
Le lundi 05 février 2007 à 17:49 +0100, Brian a écrit :

BBC3 and BBC4 only start to show programs at 19:00 UK time. My EPG for these programs comes via the internet. If I try to look at the EPG for those channels before 19:00, then they are not even shown in the list of programs I have EPG for on the OSD.
I assume this is a desired behaviour of VDR. If so, any way to change it?
I didn't find anyway in the Menus.

I use the following method:

        - grab the EPG from the radio times site with xmltv
        - feed vdr with xmltv2vdr
        - vdr updates "on the fly" EPG data for changed times

And I use vdradmin rather than the OSD so you see the timelines of 3 and
4 starting at 7. Before then you do have ceebeebies and the other kids
channel onn the same frequency



I get the EPG into VDR the same way. And I can see it via VDRAdmin. Its just I want to see it on the OSD before 7pm if at all possible.

Cheers Brian

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