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BBC3 and BBC4 only start to show programs at 19:00 UK time. My EPG for these programs comes via the internet. If I try to look at the EPG for those channels before 19:00, then they are not even shown in the list of programs I have EPG for on the OSD.
I assume this is a desired behaviour of VDR. If so, any way to change it?
I didn't find anyway in the Menus.
I use the following method:

        - grab the EPG from the radio times site with xmltv
        - feed vdr with xmltv2vdr
        - vdr updates "on the fly" EPG data for changed times

And I use vdradmin rather than the OSD so you see the timelines of 3 and
4 starting at 7. Before then you do have ceebeebies and the other kids
channel onn the same frequency



I get the EPG into VDR the same way. And I can see it via VDRAdmin. Its just I want to see it on the OSD before 7pm if at all possible.

Cheers Brian

I use the off-air EPG and the display of BBC3/4 is OK right now (18:30).
When you look at the EPG in vdradmin do you see any programs covering
the period when the channel is off-air?

I see token schedule entries covering the off-air period:

05:32 - 12:00 'This is BBC THREE'
12:00 - 18:58 'This is BBC THREE'
18:58 - 19:00 'Welcome to BBC THREE'
... on-air
19:00 - 20:00 'Dog Borstal'

Perhaps the issue with xmltv2vdr is that there are voids in the schedule
data which (might) cause the channel not to be listed in the schedule

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maybe I was not clear about the problem. My EPG for BBC3/4 has about 1 weeks data in it. I retrieve it from the Radio Times website. Here is an excerpt from VDRAdmin.

04:20 - 04:50 The Indestructibles
                                <---- big gap here, same each day
20:00 - 20:30 Doctor Who Confidential
20:30 - 21:15 Doctor Who

The problem is if I go into the VDR OSD and press schedule (when tuned to BBC1 for example), then hit the NEXT button, then I get a list of all channels that VDR has got EPG for. "Whats on next" is the screen title. Before 19:00 (UK time) this list is missing BBC3 and BBC4. So I cannot select them to look at the EPG data which is most certainly there.

I think VDR is saying "BBC3 and BBC4 do not exist, therefore don't show their EPG". Or, this channel is "CBeebies, get its EPG", which does not exist.

If I tune to BBC3 before 19:00 then press "OK", I do not get the usual two EPG entries "Whats on now" and "Whats on next". So it seems like it isn't retrieving the EPG from the file at that time either.

Cheers Brian

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