My problem was not the audiorepackager(xxx).
I found some threads about these error in vdr-portal and 
modified vdr to get some more debug output.
There were a lot of ts continuity errors reported through syslog.
My machine has a athlon xp 1500 cpu and runs on a asrock mainboard with 
sis chipset. The errors are shown after recording some minutes on all 
channels. I tested to record over nfs to check the harddisk but that did 
not help.
I tried it with vdr-1.4.5 without any  plugins and patches etc.
Now I have no ideas what I can try.

The caudiorepackager errors are perhaps a result of dropped 
bytes before???

My card is a ff dvb-s 2.3 from technotrend.
I do not currently use a cam.
Last test-firmware and different drivers  tested with no success.

((((((((((Please help)))))))))

Best regards

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