> But it didn't help at all with my benchmark.
> ...
> For information that change has no impact on my bench.

Interesting, what version of Perl are you running if those
changes don't do anything?


Futher improvement is that now it is unnecessary to read whole
XML-file into memory, as the file is linearly scanned through. So no
need to waste 5MB of memory if you are short of it.

# Read all the XMLTV stuff into memory - quicker parsing
open(XMLTV, "$xmltvfile") || die "cannot open xmltv file";

sub ProcessEpg
    # Find XML events
    foreach $xmlline (@xmllines)


open(XMLTV, "$xmltvfile") || die "cannot open xmltv file";

sub ProcessEpg

        while($xmlline = <XMLTV>) 

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