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I'm the original author of xml2vdr (for my sins!), thanks for working on it
and improving the performance.

 If everyone is happy with this new code release and it really improves the
speed I'll wrap it up and make a formal release and get Klaus to add it to
the VDR FTP site.

As a lot of people seem to use xml2vdr, perhaps it would be good to
resurrect it and keep it formally updated?



Hi all,

new version is attached and this time with a precise list of all changes :
- The Xmltv file is now read only one time (big speedup).
- You can have many channel xmltv id for each channel in channel.conf,
you can have :
I did that because I use two main xmltv source which of course don't
share the same channel id.
- sub-title are now processed.
- regex are now compiled one (thanks to Jori Hamalainen)
- I have replaced all split by regex to simplify (shorten) the code.
- Add a little test to drop already finished event (should be an
option, but I was too lazy for that for now).
- Added some my attributes to make "use strict" happier.

Todo :
- Handle the case where two channels in channels.conf share the same
epg. I worked with vanilla 1.0.6 but not anymore.

I was able to get a little more speed of xmltv2vdr with a little help
from sed before using xmltv2vdr. Disclaimer : I'm terrible with sed so
please keep away the tar and feather ;)

# to remove things unused by wmltv2vdr, you may want to adapt this to
your source
sed -e '/<category/d' -e '/<channel/,/<\/channel>/d' -e '/<date/d' -e
'/<length/d' -e 's/^[ \t]*//' tnt.xml > resultat.xml

and then make everything between <programme ....> and </programme> be
on one single line with script like that :
/<programme/ {
/<title/ {
/<sub-title/ {
/<desc/ {

I was able to gain 1 minute out of 7 with that trick.

Thanks for your time.


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