Simon Baxter wrote:
I'm looking for a way to execute a command whenever a channel change is
selected.  I think part of the 'sky' plugin is close to what I want -
without the stream type changing part.

Has anyone done anything like this?

Not as far as I know, but it should be possible with a quite simple plugin, even for a plugin-beginner:

- do newplugin to create a vanilla plugin
- Add code to derive an object from cStatus, eg.
  class cMyStatus : public cStatus { .... }
- Add the ChannelSwitch method, from there call SystemExec(), found in
- Create an instance (ptr=new cMyStatus()) of this object in the plugin
  start method, and destroy it in the stop method.

The script you call with SystemExec should terminate quicky, since it will block VDR. If you need more time, you can call stuff with & in your script.



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