>> I'm looking for a way to execute a command whenever a channel change is
>> selected.  I think part of the 'sky' plugin is close to what I want -
>> without the stream type changing part.
>> Has anyone done anything like this?
> Udo wrote:
> Not as far as I know, but it should be possible with a quite simple
> plugin, even for a plugin-beginner:
> - do newplugin to create a vanilla plugin
> - Add code to derive an object from cStatus, eg.
>    class cMyStatus : public cStatus { .... }
> - Add the ChannelSwitch method, from there call SystemExec(), found in
>    thread.h
> - Create an instance (ptr=new cMyStatus()) of this object in the plugin
>    start method, and destroy it in the stop method.
> The script you call with SystemExec should terminate quicky, since it
> will block VDR. If you need more time, you can call stuff with & in your
> script.

I'm WAAAY out of my depth on this.  I have no experience at this level!

Would like to understand - and have been modifying and tuning stuff within
VDR for a while, but am totally lost when it comes to the real
inner-workings.  Any help would be gladly appreciated!



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