Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
I've noticed some shutdown problems with vdr-1.5.1 in my setup: when my vdr wakes up for a timed recording, it doesn't automatically shutdown itself anymore after the recording is done. The MinEventTimeout is set to 15 minutes and MinUserInactivity to 600 minutes, but in my case there hasn't been any user activity, so vdr should have shutdown in 15 minutes after the recording was stopped and the logs don't reveal anything unusual. Have I misunderstood something? Does this automatic shutdown feature still work in your setups?

It should work, and it does for me.

Check your log for the "assuming manual start of VDR" line around VDR startup. This indicates that the wakeup was more than 10 minutes away from the time that VDR remembered on last shutdown.

Also check your setup.conf for the NextWakeupTime entry, thats where VDR remembers the planned wakeup time now. (This is a time_t, you can translate it with perl -e "print scalar localtime(1172945228)")

Finally, there should be an "next timer event at" or "next plugin wakeup at" in the logs around shutdown that also indicates the time VDR planned to wake up.



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