On Sat, 3 Mar 2007, Udo Richter wrote:

Check your log for the "assuming manual start of VDR" line around VDR startup. This indicates that the wakeup was more than 10 minutes away from the time that VDR remembered on last shutdown.

No "assuming manual start of VDR" entry found on my logs, so this really was on automatic wakeup for the timer.

Also check your setup.conf for the NextWakeupTime entry, thats where VDR remembers the planned wakeup time now. (This is a time_t, you can translate it with perl -e "print scalar localtime(1172945228)")

Finally, there should be an "next timer event at" or "next plugin wakeup at" in the logs around shutdown that also indicates the time VDR planned to wake up.

VDR # fgrep NextWakeupTime /etc/vdr/setup.conf
NextWakeupTime = 1172998680

VDR # perl -e "print scalar localtime(1172998680)"
Sun Mar  4 10:58:00 2007

VDR # fgrep "next timer" /var/log/vdr.log
Mar  4 02:05:57 xxx vdr: [6748] next timer event at Sun Mar  4 10:58:00 2007

Mar  4 10:58:00 xxx vdr: [6688] timer 18 (5 1058-1130 'xxx') start
Mar  4 11:30:00 xxx vdr: [6688] timer 18 (5 1058-1130 'xxx') stop
Mar  4 11:30:09 xxx vdr: [6700] channel 4 (Nelonen) event Su 04.03.2007 
11:30-12:30 'Alaston tiede' status 4
Mar  4 11:31:09 xxx vdr: [6688] deleting timer 18 (5 1058-1130 'xxx')
... and vdr just stays on ...


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