> Regarding waking up at a certain time:
> Go to the wiki in read carefully about nvram-wakeup.

This damn Siemens D1605 board is not supported by nvram-wakeup. First
Siemens has some own checksum calculation and second guess-helper isn't
able to guess the CMOS addresses for the alarm clock.

Thinking about using ACPI wakeup, cat /proc/acpi/alarm tells me 
"2007-03-00 19:03:00" with 00 for the day - regardless of the value
written into. But - I've not tested this with S4 mode.

Alarm wakeup is not urgent for me because I use my router to wakeup
the PC the right time. The PC safes the time into the router before
it hibernats. The router uses this time to wakeup the PC per WOL.


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