Stone writes:
 > With this modification to dvbdevice.c, I wonder if VDR will still crash
 > when a timer goes off on a channel and all the sudden it becomes encrypted.
 > This would normally cause a broken data stream and VDR would do an emergency
 > exit.

I gave up recording encrypted channels with VDR a long time ago.  The
problem is the VDSB error or something that results in a rebooting
cycle for the VDR.  It tries to solve the problem in a wrong way,
assuming that all delays in starting the video stream are due to
driver crashes.  While, of course, it is natural to have delays in
starting to view an encrypted channel, but the driver's have not
crashed for perhaps 1.5 years now.

When live viewing, VDR is much more patient and is able to wait
without the emergency exit until the right authorization information
is given to the smartcard, and the decryption starts.  This can take
even half an hour, or 45 min even in my setup (at least it has taken a
couple of times that long).  (Of course the provider does not change
keys every day, so the longer delays are not frequent.)

When VDR tries a timed recording it has no patience to wait for the
decryption to start, so it might sometimes succeed (if the provider
has not just changed the keys), or then it just destroys all other
recordings with the restarting cycle.  So it is better not to try to
record an encrypted channel.


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