Ondrej Wisniewski wrote:
> Ondrej Wisniewski wrote:
>> So I propose that VDR should always tune to a channel that is requested,
>> get the current CA value from the data stream (and not from the
>> channels.conf) and then decide if the channel can be shown/recorded.
>> Does that sound like a good solution? Any obvious drawbacks?
> @Klaus: is there any chance of integrating this modification in an
> upcoming version of VDR?

With the new CAM handling I will most likely make it so that channels
are skipped only when the user zaps up/down. If a channel is selected
explicitly (either by selecting from the Channels menu or by entering
the channel number - or any other direct selection) it will always
switch to the transponder to get the current CA status.

> Even though it looks like this topic has not raised much interest, I
> think it is important and really should be addressed. VDR has failed
> recording periodically scheduled programs many times here because the
> program transmitted after the recording was encrypted. So the next
> scheduled recording the following day was not started because the
> channel was marked encrypted in the channels.conf. And VDR mainly being
> a "video recorder" this really is a serious bug.

I'll look into this one, too.


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