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Dear Andreas,

Am Mittwoch, 7. März 2007 17:33 schrieb Andreas Mueller:
> >
> > Yesterday we decided to watch the new Dittsche programme from Monday
> > night, but had to notice, that the recording stopped prematurely:
> >
> This is a problem I also have. The fault is in the broadcaster's system.
> I've wrote a number of emails to the support of the ARD, but they seem
> to ignore the problem and claim that everything is OK on their side.
> Instead, they suspected a problem with my setup, or that the problem is
> caused somewhere between the playout center (which is in Potsdam) and
> the actual transmitters, or that this problem is only related to the
> reception technique used (I use DVB-T, but I've already seen this on
> DVB-S and thus it should be the same with DVB-C). They've also
> suggested to not use VPS because of this.
> For each email I wrote they needed at least two weeks to answer. I gave
> up on this (for now) because I have better things to do instead of
> writing long mails to tv stations.

I can imagine that this is a quichotesque undertaking.. 

> It seems to affect at least all stations which belong to the ARD, every
> night on 0000 UTC (so 0100 MET for now, in the summer you will notice
> it happens on 0200 UTC)

Hmm, to clarify: the reliability of VPS is impaired starting from 00:00 CET
up to which time? Which times are impared, start and/or end time?

Maybe Klaus could syslog some more detailed infos regarding the deviation, 
and possibly check the values semantically, e.g. in this case, vdr could 
have checked the original duration, compared with the broadcasted one, and 
better had used the longer one.. Could that be a useful strategy? Does 
anybody see downsides?

Maybe time to get my feet wet with vdr hacking (but my c++ brain is quite 

Thanks for your helpful answer, Andreas.

Kind regards,

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