Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:

> Hmm, to clarify: the reliability of VPS is impaired starting from
> 00:00 CET up to which time? Which times are impared, start and/or end
> time?

All events are stopped (status 1) on 0100 CET/0200 CEST. So if you have 
an event that runs from 0030 CET to 0130 CET, it will stop (status 1) 
on 0100 CET. For the next event, in this case starting at 0130, 
everything will be okay, so status 4 will be transmitted at the correct 

So for every programme which will end (or might end in the case of a 
delay) after 0100 CET/0200 CEST, you'll have to take into account that 
the VPS timer will stop at 0100/0200.

> Maybe Klaus could syslog some more detailed infos regarding the
> deviation, and possibly check the values semantically, e.g. in this
> case, vdr could have checked the original duration, compared with the
> broadcasted one, and better had used the longer one.. Could that be a
> useful strategy? Does anybody see downsides?

No, I don't think this is the right way. This is really something the 
broadcaster has to fix.


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