On 3/14/07, Carsten Koch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am aware of two conventions on the VDR mailing list:

1) Use your real name to post.
2) Post in plain ASCII.

I am not aware of a convention that discourages DVB/VDR-related news.
Is there one?

Why are you so concerned with my "real name"?  Anyone can use any name
they want in their email address therefore being so worried about
someones "real" name is rather silly.  Do I know "Carsten Koch" is
your real name?  No.  Do I even care?  No.

I didn't notice my editor was somehow switched to richtext format,
which I have since switched back.  For future reference, if don't like
html email then simply turn it off or filter it in your email client.
Then you don't have to worry about it.

And lastly, those links are not vdr-related news, hence why the poster
clearly put "OFFTOPIC" in the subject.  So like I said, let's not make
it a habit of using the mailing list to spam non-vdr content...


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